Case Study: Connectivity and Productivity with USB Type-C Hubs at Bestor

Case Study: Connectivity and Productivity with USB Type-C Hubs at Bestor

Challenges Faced by Our Company


We have many challenges related to connectivity and productivity. With a diverse team using laptops, monitors, external drives, and smartphones, cable clutter and connectivity issues became prominent, hindering workflow efficiency.


Introducing the Solution: USB Type-C Hubs

To overcome these challenges, Bestor adopted USB Type-C hubs as the solution. A combination of 7-in-1 and 9-in-1 USB-C hubs was selected, featuring USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, and SD card slots. These hubs offered comprehensive connectivity options while reducing clutter and improving efficiency.


Implementation Process and needs Assessment and Planning:

Our IT team conducted a thorough assessment of connectivity needs across departments. Based on this assessment, we selected suitable USB-C hub models and devised a phased deployment plan.


Setup and Integration:

Initial setups were rigorously tested in the IT department to ensure seamless compatibility with existing systems. The hubs were then integrated into workstations, connecting laptops, monitors, keyboards, and other peripherals.


User Training and Adoption:

Comprehensive training sessions were conducted to familiarize employees with the new setup and highlight its benefits. The focus was on simplifying connectivity and enhancing workflow efficiency.


Outcomes and Improvements Observed

Enhanced Efficiency:

USB Type-C hubs drastically reduced cable clutter, allowing our team to concentrate more on tasks rather than managing cables. Seamless device switching improved overall workflow efficiency.


Cost Savings:

The transition to USB-C hubs eliminated the need for multiple adapters and cables, resulting in significant cost savings for us.


Improved User Experience:

Our Employees reported a notable improvement in their work experience. Stable connections and faster data transfer speeds contributed to a more productive and enjoyable work environment.


Summary: Real-world Impact at Bestor

The implementation of USB Type-C hubs had a tangible and positive impact on connectivity, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. By addressing connectivity challenges and streamlining workflows, the hubs not only improved overall efficiency but also enhanced user satisfaction, ultimately fostering a more productive and organized workspace.

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