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4k Braided HDMI Cable

4k Braided HDMI Cable

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  • Fishnet Nylon Braided Cable 
  • Supports 4K @ 60Hz Resolution 
  • High Strength Double Braided Nylon Jacket 
  • Crisp, Stable Image Quality 
  • No Screen Flicker 
  • High-Speed Transmission

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About the product

Introducing our 4K HDMI Male to Male Cable, delivering stunning 4K resolution at 60Hz. Featuring a robust double-braided nylon jacket for durability, it ensures crisp, stable image quality with zero screen flicker. Enjoy high-speed transmission for superior performance in all your multimedia needs.

● 4K High-Definition Brilliance: Dive into unparalleled picture quality with our 4K HDMI cable. Immerse yourself in lifelike visuals and vibrant colors, thanks to its advanced craftsmanship and built-in high-quality signal amplification chip.

● Seamless Signal Transmission: Our HDMI cable ensures high-efficiency signal transmission, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. Say goodbye to signal loss or distortion with our ultra 4K HD HDMI cable.

● Versatile Compatibility: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our HDMI cable undergoes rigorous testing and holds HDMI and FC international certifications. It's compatible with all devices featuring HDMI 2.0 standards, including backward compatibility with HDMI 1.4, 1.3, and 1.2 versions.

● Wide Range of Applications: Whether you're gaming on your PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X, streaming content on Netflix, or watching Blu-ray movies, our HDMI cable delivers exceptional performance. It's also compatible with NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Fire TV, Roku Ultra, HDTVs, monitors, and more.

● Durable Design: Designed to withstand daily use, our HDMI cable features a bend-resistant construction, ensuring longevity and reliability. Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to hassle-free entertainment.

● Enhanced Gaming Experience: Elevate your gaming experience with our HDMI cable, capable of supporting 4K resolution at 60fps. Enjoy smooth gameplay, reduced input lag, and crisp visuals for an immersive gaming adventure.

Additional Information

HSN: 85444999
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (M): (1.5M) ; (3M); (5M)
WEIGHT: 76gm(1.5M) ; 137gm (3M) ; 202gm (5M)