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8K Braided Fibre HDMI Cable

8K Braided Fibre HDMI Cable

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  • Cutting-Edge Technology 
  • Fishnet Nylon Braided Cable 
  • Wide Compatibility 
  • Enhanced Gaming Mode 
  • Seamless Scene Transitions

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About the product

Introducing our revolutionary 8K HDMI Cable, harnessing the pinnacle of technology to deliver unparalleled visual experiences. Seamlessly compatible with 8K@60HZ and 4K@120HZ, it showcases every detail with breathtaking clarity, ensuring every pixel is faithfully rendered.

● Cutting-Edge Technology: Our HDMI Cable epitomizes the forefront of innovation, pushing beyond the constraints of traditional cables to unlock the full potential of your display devices.

● Unmatched Performance: Breakthrough from 4K to achieve stunning 8K resolution, while also delivering a silky-smooth 4K@120HZ experience. Witness every scene come to life with unprecedented vibrancy and fluidity.

● Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a vast array of devices including LG TV, QLED TV, Sony 8K UHD TV, gaming consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X, entertainment systems, and more, ensuring versatility and convenience.

● Enhanced Gaming Mode: Our HDMI Cable is engineered with the latest gaming mode, supporting variable refresh rates to optimize your gaming experience. Maximize the potential of your graphics card and CPU for unparalleled precision and responsiveness.

● Seamless Scene Transitions: Experience seamless scene transitions as our HDMI Cable dynamically adjusts the refresh rate to deliver smoother and more detailed images, capturing every nuance with unparalleled clarity.

Additional Information

HSN: 85444999
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (M): (10M) ; (15M) ; (20M)
WEIGHT: 311gm(10M) ; 407gm(15m) ; 524gm(20m)